My Latest Adventure!!!


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So what does a drummer do when he/she's not playing drums???

For me (when I'm not working) have ventured into art but not like most art I have started making shekeres. I got this Idea after seeing just how expensive they are and I thought to myself "these cant be too hard to make? right?" wrong they are very time consuming. My original goal at this was to make these instruments for percussionist at a much cheaper price. Well that is still my goal even though I have only made one. Eventually I would like to take requests on designs and everything but as for now I am just starting out slowly as it is not easy to hunt down gourds.

My questions for all of you are.... Who here would actually be interested in buying one? Even though Shekere is not a highly desired instrument. How much would you pay for one if you were to buy one? (a shekere can normally reach prices of $80-$140) and last but not least what do you think of my first build?

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