my friend Allan with a great video on an intro to drums


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That was excellent, funny and informative, well done to all the players!

Also, don't forget to watch other videos from these guys, the "Journey of a guitar solo" is excellent watching the guitar player nail so many iconic solos, oh, and the drumming not to shabby either !!!


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VERY well done,and I love how he counts everything in as he demonstrates different time signaturers and feels.


Steve B


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I was surprised, too. Great video - giving a wealth of info in a highly entertaining way. Smartly done! Thanks for sharing.

keep it simple

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Presentation thinking out of the box. Superb for drummers, but even better for non drummers. Nice playing too. Very impressive, with good supporting cast :)


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I wonder how many takes it too them to nail this...... The more I watch it the more impressed I am....... Terry


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Nice! What a cool thing. I really dug that. Very creative and informative way to present some information about our instrument.