My first videos for warm up: The Ex. Pad Session

Hey guys! How are you doing?
I wanted to check with you what do you think of these videos I'm doing. The idea is to have a digital list of exercises to pick from so that you can create your own daily routine. And it would be visual too because these are going to be short videos explaining the exercise. Plus you can download the transcript. I uploaded four for now. Just to see how it goes, you know... but my goal is to have like a bunch of them.
Here's one. I called it Triplets Accents Change. I saw it in many books and many teachers gave it to me too, as an exercise.
The concept is to play each triplet with one hand, changing hands each bar. Plus you'll be accenting each 1/8 note of the triplet every 4 bars. Maybe it's easier to see it that to write it down

Check it out and tell me guys what you think of it