My first theme at this forum:)


Thanks, misters! You are very hospitable! DRUMMERWORLD very good site. Here a lot of the interesting information. It will be very interesting to me to communicate to drummers from the different countries of the world:)


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Здравствуйте! I love your drumming, you did a very good job on thos songs :)


Welcome Nikonov! Your playing is really solid, I like it!
Hello, Nikonov "Paice".

Nice to meet you!

Great job...Smooth, groovey and excellent four-way coordination.

Speed King is one of my favourite, Deep Purple songs. Also, Ian Paice is one of my main influences besides, John Bonham, Bill Ward, Carmine Appice and Cindy Blackman.

Check on: Community / Contacts & Friends / Neurotica. She is from Russia as well, very good friend of mine.

All The Best,


Thanks for your responses, friends!!! I live in Moscow. I play drums of more than 20 years.
I have drums REMO, hardwear PEARL and LUDWIG, ... SABIAN
My favourite drummer Ian Paice. I like its emotions, it groove))
I very much like play Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and many other drummers.
Unfortunately, I very badly understand on inglish, forgive me it)) If here there are drummers from Russia, help me please...:)
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Oops, sorry for asking about being left handed! I posted my reply before I watched your videos! Nice job! What kind of drums are those?


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Wow only 10 seconds into the first song and I already love it! Sounds tight man! What gear are you using?

10 points for Russia!

EDIT: Two minutes in the song and it gets even greater. Man, you are good drummer. How long have you been drumming?


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Welcome Nikonov!

Your English is better than my Russian!

Why do you like Ian Paice? Are you a left handed drummer?