My first kit!


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Hello everyone I need some opinions on this kit I am buying this week. I have found this kit which I think to be really good value.

Here is the link

I think it seems good as it even comes with Remo skins all for £179.00
Only thing I am worrying about it doesn't say it has a drum key, is a drum key necessary to setup a drum kit. If someone could give me their opinion I would be very greatful.


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It's a much better option to buy a better but used kit , If you are just starting and you don't know much about drums , ask your teacher or a friend to help you.

a drum key cost less than 5$


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I've never heard of or seen this brand but they look to be a low quality entry level kit. Pounds to US$ at around $300, I think you could do a lot better in terms of sound and quality by spending the same amount of money on a used kit.

Check out Ebay or whatever other music equipment classifieds you have over there first. Typically these kind of drums can be made to sound OK but the snare will be a disappointment and the hardware might not be any good.

If you're just starting out and you're not sure whether you'll stick with it, then it might be a decent option if it comes with pedals, stands and a throne. Then you can immediately start playing and if you don't keep it up you don't have much invested.

Drum keys are cheap. $1 - $5 and you need one to tune the drums and adjust some hardware. Not a big deal if it doesn't come with one, you can get one at almost any music shop.

I hope this helps you.