My first drum cover!

David Floegel

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Hi welcome to the board,

as most people here I find covers quite boring but from time to time I record some myself, haha ;)

How long have you been playing?

Anyway, I got some tips if you don't mind:
-1- ok it's more question: do you have a teacher?
-2- if you have a teacher, switch it ;) if you don't have one, get one :) You will see your drumming will become much cleaner and precise.

-3- i read this a few times in the comment section on youtube, you should practice your timing. In one part of the song I thought you were playing a displacement of 1/16th note for a while. :)
Check out this board, there are tons of tips and threads about timing improvement.

-4- improve your technique a bit. If I had to judge your posture, I'd say you look like an gorilla :) (No offense, I see a lot of people playing like that ;))

All in all, keep having fun but also keep improving - which can be no fun from time to time...


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Sorry...I find covers boring.Show us something original
1) +1 (although I can't play any cover for now, but originals are cooler anyway!

2) Please post in the proper section. "Your Playing"? -> "Your Playing"! ;-)
That's why I moved your thread. But please keep this in mind for the future and post accordingly.

3) Always love when the very first post of a new member is... "Hey check out my drum cover"... Anyway, welcome to this board, haha.


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It's a school kit, it was at this sort of quality when I first started using it, if I had the chance of course I would sit down and clean it for a while XP


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You have an interesting decision to make:

Do you clean your bass drum, or do you plant a crop in the dirt?


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Hey guys! I'm a drummer from Melbourne, Australia and a friend and I are just starting up a Youtube channel to get drum covers out there :D

Check it out here, and constructive criticism welcome!

P.S I know I get out of time a couple times, and that I look a bit awkward on the kit, but mind that, I'm usually used to headsets or fallbacks and my own kit XP