my feel-good story


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On Memorial Day, my church band participated in the local parade, playing on a float. This is the third year we've done the parade, and this was the first year I brought the full kit on the float (so what if I was a float hog - LOL).

Anyway, soon after we started moving down the parade route and started playing, there was a small boy (I estimate around 4 years old) with his mom. The little boy seemed to be so excited as we went by where he was standing. A few minutes later I looked over and there was the boy again, dragging his mom behind him. He seemed to be most interested in the drums, so I kept waving to him and he got real excited.

About 15 minutes later we turned the corner onto another street, and I looked over to the other side of the float, and guess who was there? When we came to a stop, I reached into my bag and pulled out a spare stick and motioned to the mother to come over to the float. I told her I wanted the boy to have the stick. She hesitated, saying that it would be hard for me to get it back from him. I said, "no, the stick is for him to keep, and tell him he made my day!".

The boy continued to drag his mom for a little while longer. They must have walked at least a mile besides the float, and it was a really hot day! Eventually eIther he finally got tired out, or his mom said it was time to go home. I admit I was a little nervous that he was running down the sidewalk with the stick in his hand.....

I hope this inspires the little guy to play the drums! It was great to see his enthusiasm.


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I used to play in a classic rock cover band (I still fill in when their drummer, a friend of mine, isn't able to play).

I keep cheap sticks that a local music store sells for 3 bucks a pair, or two pairs for five bucks because there's always young kids who want to come up to the drum kit and look at it. There aren't many drummers or even musicians in my area, so for people to see a drummer is pretty unique around here.

It always feels nice to think you may have inspired a kid. It's not easy being into drums, especially if you're not loaded.

Good show, my friend.