My Band's EP... Opinions?

Duck Tape

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Re: My Band's EP... Opinions???

Really cool band, and good song writing very decent singer.

There's a tiny bit of rushing and dragging on the first song (take my hand) and it doesn't always sound full but the 2nd song is pretty flawless (chosen potion).

It's a bit nostalgic I guess. Good luck and have fun with it.


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I like the second song, "Chosen Potion". It sounds like electronic drums were used.. I could be completely wrong. How did you record the drums?


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Thanks very much for the feedback! Really appreciate it.

The drummer was miced up using vintage mics, not sure on the specifics. Then recorded to tape. I know what you mean though, they do have an interesting sound. I think the producer compressed them quite a lot. Maybe a bit too much in my opinion.


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It has a very Jack White feel to it. I like the song compositions. Everything has a very vintage feel to it while still remaining relevant. Nice job.


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Thanks man, that's a great comment for us to hear as we all love Jack White, and we also want a vintage sound, without sounding like a throwback band!


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Sounds pretty good here!
On some parts I wish the drumming would be slightly more straight forward, but I'm as guilty of adding unnecessary extra stuff and fills than the next bloke so..

Nice job all around!