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Last night I was playing and all of a sudden I found myself feeling a little hemmed in. It felt rather odd. My kit was set up just as it has been for years.

So I dismantled the entire thing, took the cymbals and toms off the stands, removed the mounts and all I had left was the kick, snare and hats.

The first thing I did, for the hell of it, was raise the snare about an inch and a half. Then I had to raise the hats to compensate. Then I played. Felt good!

I took the stands apart and reassembled them, then I put the tom mounts back on. I put the toms back on the mounts and raised the toms about as much as I'd raised the snare and then, of course, I had to raise the cymbals. When the cymbals were raised I had to tilt them down a little.

The whole kit ended up being a bit more "spread out." Everything was higher. Adjusting the ball-and-socket mounted high tom, that's a real hassle but I finally got it just right.

Then I played. Whoa! That feels great. And somehow my little jazz kit now feels like a rock kit! It feels bigger somehow. It even looks bigger. It almost looks like I've got new drums. And it's somehow easier to play. Now how the hell did that happen?

So I've re-spiked my drum rug and everything's jolly.

It's probably all in my mind. But my body tells me that it likes the new setup so that means that my mind is happy.

When's the last time you took everything apart and put it back together again, to try something new?

(I know there has to already be at least one thread on this topic but I'm too lazy to look it up.)


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Haha that's awesome! I like my kit a bit more spread out too. I like to have to reach for cymbals like a mini-struggle, it at least drives my creativity.


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Sometimes change can be good.
I also change things from time to time.
It can be almost like getting a new kit.
I also get new kits from time to time.
I currently have four kits that I play almost every day.
Every one of them is just a bit different.
I also rotate my cymbals around a lot.

Have fun Jay.


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I think doing this is very conducive to playing well. Sometimes it just happens bit by bit over time, and your set-up sort of drifts way from how you like it.

It's like cleaning out your garage/attic/basement.


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I know what you mean. Every now and then I realise that I've been wallpapering over some little things that bug me. Then I'll change something. Recently I had issues with my knee and feeling comfortable. So I raised the seat. After a while I realised that I felt less in control of my feet so I lowered the seat even more than it was before. It felt better.

I don't think I've ever had much idea of what I'm doing ... my setup seems to be based on a series of whims and oversights that I've been collecting since 1975.


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Yeah, I think change can basically reboot and refresh your mind a little thus giving you a little spark and a little more motivation.