Moved the drums in my room - Sounds like crap?!


So I had my drum kit placed in the corner of my room, but since I renovated the place I had to move it in the middle.

And now, the kit seems like it's dead?

Suddenly the bass drum sounds like crap, the toms don't have any sustain and the snare drum produces a weak croaking sound!
I actually use 2 kits at the moment, a 'big' one for metal drumming and a standard one for the rest. The one that was in the corner is the smaller one.

I'm going to post a few pictures of the room and the drums, but I'd like to get a few ideas about how to fatten up the sound a bit. I just don't have any pleasure playing this kit anymore.

Maybe placing a wooden panel next to the kit would help recreate the environment it was in before?


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its just the acoustics in your room... sometimes i think my starclassic sounds like crap - but once i take it out of my room and i move it to a good studio, just WOW.


Don't suppose you've tried fiddling with the bass and such on the program or on your iPod?
Maybe since updating the program, the iPod's sound settings may have switched back to when you first bought it?
I have a nano (older version) and it normally does that.
I just stopped updating the program itself.
Which program are you talking about? Are we still talking about drums? :D

Yes, Uniin, the acoustics in my room are pretty weird. It's a pretty big room, but the space I have for the drums is at the back of it and the walls aren't parallel.


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mr harry's post was from one of those parallel universes you've heard tell about lol. If you click on the little blue and white arrow next to mr harry, you will enter said parallel universe and never be heard from again.

Non parallel walls are good for acoustics, generally speaking.


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Bass frequencies often get "trapped" in right angle corners and near walls. Non parallel walls are a good start, but filling in the corners with acoustic foam will help to bring those bass frequencies out into the room, balancing the sound. This goes for the corners where the ceiling meets the walls, too.

While your kit was near the wall, it probably sounded boomy and resonant because the bass frequencies were "collecting" near that spot. Those frequencies are still there, but you can't hear them because you're now in the middle of the room.

The Auralex website has a free "room analysis" feature, probably worth exploring.

Hope this helps!


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So I had my drum kit placed in the corner of my room, but since I renovated the place I had to move it in the middle.
And especially if your kit was set up facing into the corner, you were getting sound reflection off the walls ... which amplified your kit ....​

Not knowing what kind of kit you have ... what kind of heads you run .... how old are those heads .... and how you tune your kit ... all add up with "and now you moved the drums" ... some tweeking/changes will probably be needed ...​