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Lately I've been having motivation problems to play drums...I'm 18 I've been playing for a year and a half, self-taught never took any lessons, I play to music everyday bout an hour a day. I want to make a career out of music (in a band) but many times I feel like I've started playing music to late to be able to make a career out of it and it's kind of discouraging which leads to lack of motivation, it's hard to keep positive attitude and everything when it's extremely hard to make it in the music biz...Any advice?


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1) You could do a search on this forum which would yield a lot related info, this topic is dealt with regularly.

2) Lack of motivation is being discussed on the Derek Roddy forum:
Lack of motivation and how to do deal with it...

3) We had a thread recently by a 23-old wondering whether it's too late to become a good/pro drummer. Reading that thread should provide some good info, too. I'll upgrade the link as soon as I'll find that thread. --- Can't find it ATM, but it was something like "Am I too old to..." or to this effect.
(EDIT: @ Bobbytard: Thanks for the link! -> See post #6)

You've outlined your goals in a not-too-clear way. Depending on what exactly (genre etc) you're after a good teacher or getting into proper technique ASAP (at least checking how much damage your self-taught way of playing has done - if any) and good command of basic rudiments would be a must. Also, to determine the means to get you to a goal with the goal not clearly defined is a bit difficult. And your goals might (and most likely will) change due to your age. We all evolve, that's a most natural occurrence. Thus, your focus on drumming might change accordingly.

As for motivation in general. There are several aspects/"tricks" to it but eventually you have to find a strategy for yourself. Not all of us are made to become pro drummers - just saying.

Becoming a pro drummer calls for quite some practice schedule. Here's a thread to give you an idea how a practice schedule could look like:
Daily Practiceroutine
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I'm wondering if you're better suited to playing music just for enjoyment than as a career. All the pros I've met via here and elsewhere are so fanatical they can barely go to the toilet without a pad a sticks (they probably do - lol)

The scene is so competitive that only those who live and breathe music can make a living from it.

It might take the pressure off to set less intense goals like getting your playing in shape for playing with people at your level. I'd suggest spending some quality time with a metronome.

Might help to check out any teachers in the local area. It may or may not be for you, but if you find a teacher who inspires you, you may even become fanatical enough to one day make a living from it :)


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I swear I'll never understand these posts. I need no motivation to do the things I actually enjoy doing. It's the things I'm obligated to do yet have little desire to get done, that require me to motivate myself.
If you were a 30 year journeyman who was just sick and tired of the grind, I could understand. But you've only been playing a year and a half and you're over it already.....that tells me something.

Stop moping around your bedroom, join a band and go make some music. If it's a joy, you'll need no motivation. If it's a chore then maybe it ain't your calling.

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At 18 years of age, one and a alf year of playing drums and no formal training at it, you're still a new born baby within the music business, you can't run before you can walk, and it takes much more than being an accomplished musician technically to make it in band situation, for the time being take Polly's advice and enjoy playing and learning music and drumming, it's a very long road indeed, one that never ever stop, but a positive attitude towards your goal(s) is the key issue here... :)


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Get some lessons as well, a teacher may well give you a load of new things you hadn't thought about trying which might inspire especially as you see improvement in your playing as a result.


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Could it be not so much a motivation problem, more like boredom? If all you're doing is playing along to music, chances are you're doing the same old stuff all the time and that can be boring - and probably not helping you to improve.

Some lessons would make all the difference to your playing and your motivation. You'd get a proper practice routine and goals to work to.


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Yea. I started getting bored playing along to music about 8-10 months in, and started focusing more on technique (exercises, having a routine, having short-term goals, etc.), and then I started taking lessons... now, two years in, there's literally never enough time in the day...

That said, I have been thinking that I do need to get back to playing along with music sometimes... another thing there's not enough time in the day for :|


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Trevor, listen up.


Stop with the pressure already. Geez man you're overwhelming ME. Lighten up Francis and just keep it simple. If you are good enough, trust me, people will ask you to play, and things will fall in place. First you have learn to play, a tall order. I suggest you focus all your energies there, and forget about "making it" lol.