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Snare's going to be the most common answer, and I think it's true even if it's not the "favorite" piece of a drummer's set. Of the drums, snare's got a lot of dynamics, brushes/sticks/snares off etc. Usually the back beat is on the snare, and it's critical for a lot of shuffle patterns. I love hi hats, I think they're the most fascinating, but for the time keeping aspects I think snare works best.

Jazz puts time keeping on the ride, and snare is more for accenting/dynamics, there's always exceptions and workarounds. You could play songs without the snare or any single piece, but I'm trying to think on the whole as an instrument which pieces provide the most in music history.

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Dr. Watso.....I like the way you're thinking. Providing the tasty beverage is beer, then I'm not so sure that it's just important......I'd stress the point a little further and call it vital.
I wasn't aware there was another choice. What else am I supposed to drink? Water? (Like from the toilet?)

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It's a daft question because it's like asking what it the most important bit of an electric guitar, or an oboe, or a piano... you get the point. We stopped thinking of the kit as a collection of instruments around 1920 didn't we?

And the answer is always the same, whether it is a guitar, piano or drumkit. The most important part - it's the sound bro.



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Drums are just the tools. A great hammer doesn't build a great house. It's the quality of the music inside you that is the only thing of value.

I see so many questions about the tools and hardly any about the really important things. Just sayin.


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I think "the drummer" was implied. Not much is gonna happen without him/her, is it?

Perhaps a better way to word this question would have been:

"If you could only use one element of the kit for a gig, which would you choose?"

I wasn't aware there was another choice. What else am I supposed to drink? Water? (Like from the toilet?)
Water? Water's for bathing mate. I wouldn't drink the stuff.....I've heard what fish get up to in it!! :)

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