Morello/Gottlieb DVD's


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I am interested in buying the 3 Joe Morello/Danny Gottlieb DVD's. They were made by MelBay. The first DVD, Lessons 1&2 is still available, but the 2nd DVD, Lessons 3&4 and the 3rd DVD, Lessons 5&6 are not.

If you have these and are willing to sell them or have copies, please let me know how to contact you and the price. Thanks !


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Try to copy & paste the link location into your browser address bar.
I was able to click onto it.

They have a phone number you can call for info on the DVD's, which are shown on the web page.


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I tried calling the number and there was no answer. There is another business called the Bass Place with an address next door. I called them and a guy answered and told me he sold the Drum Place about 7 years ago and he has no idea what the person who bought the business did with it.

I'll try calling the drum place again on Monday, but right now it doesn't look good. Thanks for the suggestions. If you know of anyone who has these and will sell them, I'd appreciate any leads.