More than one kit. When do you use them?


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If you have more than one kit, when and where do you use it? When do you use the others?

I have three kits. The first is a 7 pc Zickos. I can use it with the whole set up (22, 18, 16, 14, 13, 12 and SD). It's fun because everywhere you swing you hit something. The downside is that it is a lot of stuff to lug around. Or, I can use it as a 5 pc (22, 16, 13, 12 and SD) which is how I usually use it. Or it is a 4 pc jazz kit (18 as BD,14 as FT, 12 and SD). I haven't tried this yet, but I just got into a new jazz combo and I can't wait to use it at our first gig. I also have a 5 pc Pearl Forum that I use for faster set up situations or when I have to leave it unattended. I also have a 4 pc no name kit I bought to play outdoor pit jobs when I have to leave it overnight in there storage. I also have these last two kits set up in my studio for lessons. I don't have enough cymbals for all of these but I am working on it.

I didn't always have this many kits. This is a new thing in my life but I am taking advantage of it. I know that there are some of you that have far more equipment than this, but it's a lot for me.

How about you?


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I have had various kits through my career and currently down to 2;

1. Yamaha Custom Maple 6-piece

2. Gretsch Renown Maple 6-piece

They are the same size so that doesn't play into it. My decision is based on size of venue relative to the sound of the drums or if it is a studio recording situation or to be honest sometimes I base my decision on the color of the drums. My Yammies are natural maple finish and my Gretsch drums are a bright gold sparkle lacquer. 2 weeks we played a benefit with a Cinco De Mayo theme and I chose the gold sparkle kit just for that reason :)

Otherwise, my decision is based on the sound I want to project (both kits have different sound nuances) based on the size of the venue.


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I have had various kits through my career and currently down to 2;

1. Yamaha Custom Maple 6-piece

2. Gretsch Renown Maple 6-piece

2 weeks we played a benefit with a Cinco De Mayo theme and I chose the gold sparkle kit just for that reason :)
So, which is the gold sparkle?


I have four (technically three, but one of them has been split into two).

One is my 'home' kit that I used to gig with (Tamburo Ash) with a 22" bass drum and 'fusion' sized toms. Another is an 80's Pearl Export that is split into two. The first half needs restoring, the other half has been converted into a smaller kit (16" bass drum, 10" and 12" toms) for taking back and forth to University. That has certainly come in handy! The other kit is an electronic kit I use for co-ordination and timing practice.


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The main difference between my two kits is the color.

So, the choice comes down to which color I feel like using.


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I have:

Tama Starclassic Maple- Blue Glitter- 20x18, 12x8, 14x12 floor
Tama Starclassic B/B- Lava Glass Glitter- 24x18, 10x6 1/2, 12x7, 16x14 floor
(arriving at the end of the month)
Tama Superstar Hyper- Drive-White w/ Black Nickel- 24x18, 12x7, 16x14 floor, 14x6 snare
Gretsch Catalina Maple- 22x18 (never use) 16x16 FT Kick, 10, 12 floor, 14 floor.
DW Collectors(refinishing)- 22x18, 12x8, 16x14
Simmons SD9K for practice
Several snares but I usually only use one of my LM400s
I change cymbals accordingly- Variety of Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian

Each kit has its own sound that I pick it for, due to sizes more than shell material. The Gretsch with the converted 16 kick is used for my small acoustic trio as is the SCM. The other kits are rotated for various rock, blues, country and R&B gigs with several different groups. Some groups like some kits better than others. I usually do what is asked of my employer to get the sound and color (yes color) they like. I like all of these kits and don't mind using any of them for almost any gig.


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Right now I've got:

1) a DW Collectors 5 piece kit for jazz and concert type gigs where no one will crash into it or spray it with barf.

2) a 1 year old PDP X7 double bass kit that I use for practice when I want to feel like a "percussionist" and do a lot of melodic/mallet/cymbal stuff at home, but that I can condense down to just about any size/combination for swing/big band gigs.

3) a 10 year old Sonor Force 5 piece for blues gigs, especially those in rowdy bars (the best kind) or outdoors and also for my grandkids to pound on when they come to town.

4) a collection of misc. Tamas for projects and general berserkerness (great for bugging the neighbors).

Back when I toured (always a substitute, never the band's credited drummer - sigh) I never used my own drums, just what the band's contract and/or the venue provided. I had vintage Ludwigs at the time and shared their looks and sound with very few people, really, except for some ex-wives.


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2 kits atm - both stay in the studio as I got sick of lugging..... the e-kit gets the most use by far as it can sound like virtually any kit I need (and it's fairly silent).....

- 1 double electronic monster
- 1 small acoustic kit


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A Sonor Force 2001 kit I pieced together off Ebay to use as a practice kit. I use it mainly for practice or when gigging somewhere that the possibilty of getting damage is higher than normal, such as a party, multiple band gigs, or where clumsy rednecks are abundant:)

I switch out playing gigs between these two: A Custom Classic Hybrid in 22, 10, 12, 14, and 16 inch. Bought it more as just a second practice kit but turns out to be a good sounding kit AND a Sonor Sonic Plus. I play this one as a four piece. No rhyme or reason of why I use one or the other.


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I would love to have another kit to use for gigging and band practices. My main kit is at my studio which is about a 40 min drive from my house and in a part of the state that is far from where most bands are. So whenever I have tried out or joined a band I always had to move my kit to practice and it creates a difficult situation for me. It would be nice to have another kit that I could use as a mobile kit, and not have to worry so much about babying it. I just can never justify spending for another kit when I don't have the need at the moment. Maybe if I end up joining another band I'll get one, but for now I'll keep moving mine.


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I have one kit which is for me exclusively - it is my practice kit and very seldom a gigging kit. Then I have my main gigging kit and then what I call my "beater" which is currently a 1980 Tama Imperialstar in the sizes of a 14x22" Kick, 9x13", 10x14", 16x16" and 16x18". I do use the beater for some recording sessions but mostly for jams. It has a real 80s vintage sound - take that as a positive or negative - however you want.



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I have my one 'real' kit in the practice room (Pearl Masters), for practices with the band and also for gigs. I have a mid-level e-kit for home practice (my family and neighbours love its volume control, I just love that I can practise at home after my kids have gone to sleep).

I would love to have more, but I can't justify it. (I could use a 'beater' for gigs - that's a great word! plus I love the idea of that Sonor Safari, how about a set of vintage Ludwigs CMs in Bonham sizes? Oh, and...)


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- Roland TD9 for everyday practice in my condo
- 4 piece Rodgers mini jazz kit perfect for rehersal - sometimes we can't be too loud & its easy to lug around.
- 5 piece Stage Custom for shows and events.

I never would have thought 3 kits is useful but it really works well for me.


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I got three, I teach with two (old pearl exports) and gig with the other (sonor force 3007). I wanna get a recording kit, prob get one made. Theres a guy who lives in my town, he makes drums for Brady etc, Tee Drums.


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I"a few" right now.

1. Ludwig Downbeat (1970). Packed and ready to gig.
2. Gretsch Round Badge. Packed and ready to gig.
3. DW Collector's. Packed and ready to do studio work.
4. Pacific. Set up in the teaching studio right now, and ready to sell (bought it for a student, but they decided they didn't want it after all...)
5. WFL. Stacked in a spare room, ready to restore this summer, after I clean out the garage.
6. Ludwig Hollywood (1965). Packed and ready to rent out (this weekend).

I use the Downbeat mostly for gigging out, but use the Gretsch for gigs where it would sound really good in the room, and when it doesn't matter if my kit is mismatched. I usually use the Hollywood to teach on, since it's a 5-piece, but I've been renting it out lately (5 times this year so far!). When I sell the Pacific, I'll set the Hollywood back up in the teaching space.
I have three kits.

My main kit is a Mapex Meridian Maple in Rootbeer Sparkle in 8 piece (6 rack toms, snare and a bass drum) with a Zildjian 18" A Custom EFX and a A Sweet Ride, XS20 hats and an Agean 16" crash. Sounds great! Demoing materials this week with it.

My other kit is a Peavey Intl2 series which is stripped down at the moment (bass drum head burst) with Paiste 101 Brass's. Usually use it for practice but haven't used it for a long time.

Last but not least is my dads Roland TD3 kit. I don't really play it much unless I'm doing a quick recording or messing around with sound but that's it more or less. My dad loves it, but I'm no electric drum fan.