Moeller / rebound?


In this video Dom explaind low moeller in a great way, but i don´t understand... When my stick hits my pad after the whip motion... Should it rebound up again... Everyone says: use rebound, but if i use rebound i am not able to tap the next to notes because my stick is so high up in the air... What to do :S



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I would get Pat Patrillo's book/dvd, Hands Grooves and Fills. One of the best books I have used on technique. He explains how to use rebound. Tommy Igoe great hands for a lifetime is excellent as well. It sounds like you need to understand how rebound works, Moeller is still a form of controlling the rebound. Take some lessons and get one or both of those books. All of your answers on technique in them.


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If you need to keep your stick low, keep it low. If you need it up high, you rebound it, there's no rules that you have to do one or the other. Moeller is a way to play accents. After the accent is played, the Moeller part is done, and you have to be in the proper position for your next stroke, high or low, whatever that may be. That's my take on it.


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You definitely need rebound to properly play Moeller... I study with Dom and he said that you have to earn the ability to move onto Moeller after first learning the down motion with rebound, using the Free Stroke. Then you'll move onto control strokes and pullouts and finally Moeller. The first note with Moeller is a Downstroke so the stick does ned to stay down - because the next note is a tap or upstroke. But this does need to be done in a relaxed way using rebound...