Modifying a 3 legged high hat stand


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I recently aquired a DW3000 double pedal for cheap off CL

I will soon be on the lookout for a 2 legged high hat stand, because the three legged Mapex stand I have makes it a little tight down there for my big wide feet.

Until I find a two legged stand, is it as easy converting a three legged stand to a two legged stand by simply taking off one leg?

Drilling out the hinge rivets on one of the legs is easy enough to do, but I don't want to even mess with it if there is something I'm not seeing, or if it's not actually that easy to do.

With only two legs on a stand built with three, will it work fine? Will it just fall right over if I take one leg off? I assume it depends on the design.

This is a Mapex. I can't remember what series



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I would say there is a high probably of it losing balance with only two legs.
That's what I'm wondering, because by removing one leg, the pedal and the thin wire frame under it effectively become the "third leg".

All the pics of two legged stands I've seen seem to have much beefier foot boards, which is why I'm leaning towards this as maybe not a good idea



Here's what I did. I spun the three legs so that one of the legs is at about a 10 to 20 degree angle on the opposite side of where the pedal will be (using the center post of the stand as the vertex). That way, I didn't have to cut anything, or buy a new stand, and I have plenty of room to accomodate the left side pedal, while still keeping all the stability of 3 legs.


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Yep, this is what I did with mine, but mine swiveled easily by loosening a few wingnuts. Didn't have to mod anything.
Many if not most hi-hat stands have the swivel feature now. Mine is a beginner model that didn't. Hence the need to mod.


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Oh sure, it swivels around just fine.

Even with the swivel, it's still a little too cramped for my liking. I do play heel down so my feet tend to ride pretty far up in there

I have it like this now.

If I rotate it CCW so the leg is behind the DW pedal, the other leg is only about an inch from the HH pedal.

After a closer inspection I'm not going to take the leg off. It won't work on this one. It would just fall right over. I'd have to clamp it.

It's not terrible the way it is. I barely know how to use the darn thing anyway. I just have to keep my wishlist nice and fat. What better than a better HH stand.. :)


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I did this and my old cheap stand would only fall if you really bumped it but it was a little teeters if that's a word. I figured I could just put a bolt back if need be later. It worked for a while but eventually bought a real 2 legger from Craig's.

One thingies did on my sons kit is to extend the slave pedals shaft across the HH pedal and put the slave pedal to the L of the HH pedal. This moves the hats closer to the snare if that works for you. Doesnt work for me being bigger but might work for you. The reason I post this is because it's a different way of doing things and it offers options for arranging the pedals and HH stand legs.


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I have successfully converted a Three legged Hi-Hat stand to a two legged
Hi-Hat Stand. Well I figured out that if you take out one of the legs of the Hi-Hat stand
then the Hi-Hat stand will fall towards you.So to overcome this problem I have come up with a solution
free pic[/IMG]

Firstly take one of the legs out (I would suggest you to not cut the leg, Because you may need it back .
Try and drill the rivet out).

secondly , we will be needing an iron plate ( Becase it is very strong ) which should be 4-6 mm thick(circular obviously)
and the diameter of the plate should be around 1 to 2 feet ( in my case it is 17 inches ).
NOTE: The diameter of the plate should be bigger that the foot board pedal.

photo uploading websites[/IMG]
Thirdly , you should iron weld the foot board connector , that is the black support in my case (it can be
any color in your stand ) . If your connector is single rod, then weld two pieces of " L-Shaped " metal strip
on either side to support the stand.

Fourthly , Placement of the foot board connector for welding should be above the center point near to the edge
( 3 inches form the edge in my case ) of the plate ( as this allows the stand to be in place with the weight of the Hi-Hat
cymbals and the stand itself )
image hosting without account[/IMG]

Note : you cannot weld the foot board connector in the center of the plate ( if you really want to the weld it to
the center , Then you need a plate with a bigger in diameter atleast 4 feet i.e .. 48inches which I would not recommend ,
however you may try and let us know if it works)

Finally, you should paint both the plate and the foodboard connector elegantly.
So basically this board supports the complete stand and acts as a third leg, which doesn't allow the
stand to fall towards or away from you.
free pic[/IMG]

image hosting above 5 mb[/IMG]

Pros : 1) Been using if for over 5 months now without a single problem or hassles.
2 )Doesn't shake ( if done in the right way, use some aptitude ;-) ... )
3)Don't have to spend a lot on a new stand , the only thing you will need additionally is a plate which
costs less than $3- $5 ( If your in India then Rs 100 - 200 max ) and some strips of iron less than $1
( To support the foot board connector ) and welding shop may charge you less than $3- $5 for welding the plate to the foot connector.
4)If the plate is big enough like mine , then you can place both footboards ( i,e Hi- Hat and one of the
double bass pedal on the same plate which will eventually give more support to the Hi-Hat)
5) If you screw this whole welding part then you can obviously return to you original stand by
fixing one of the leg back.

Cons: 1) Plate takes more space compared to any stand ( But since thickness is 4mm it wouldn't matter much )
2) If you don't paint the plate and the foot board connector it looks ugly with all the welding marks. YUK

So I would recommend you guys to try it . It really works (atleast for me it did).And you can save some money by not buying
a two legged stand, instead invest it on something else.

Happy Drumming.

To view the video and pics of the stand

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I use my double sparingly but have found by turning the three legs to accommodate the slave pedal, that the 1 inch space you talk about is actually an advantage. When moving from bass pedal to hihat it actually acts as a stop on the left side and keeps you from feeling around for the hihat pedal.