Mixing Brands Drums/Cymbals/Hardware

No one will notice if your stands are different brands. Almost no one will notice the same of your cymbals. That being said, why not match? They're all great. They all make exactly what you are going for. They are all priced competitively. The only reason to mix is if you are on a budget and buying used. This applies to stands and cymbals for me. Snares are another animal. Matching a snare at the sacrifice of sound would be idiocy. Same with pedals, use the one that feels best for you (and no one sees those anyway). In a blind test who cares, but playing live is a visual thing too. When you go to a concert the gear is impeccable. It's part of the illusion. You don't expect or want to see the drums look like something from a pawn shop. That illusion is not exclusive to top acts. You can do it too. So unless you are strapped for cash (been there) make them match. If you have the money there is no reason not too.


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Mish mosh of different brands for drums and hardware. But only Paiste cymbals for me.


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As much as I like overthinking things, matching stuff is one thing I never thought to overthink.

I must not place much importance on it, because if I did, it would have been overthought by now.

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I don't think it's a big deal. My shell pack (toms/bass) always are a match. Snare, kick pedal, hi-hat are all different. Cymbal stands usually match but not always. Cymbals are all the same just because I bought them as a package deal. Mics are a mish mash as are drum heads.


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Cymbals, stands, and throne I couldn't care less about the brand or if they match. I like my drums to all match, and my kick pedals must match, no exceptions. Heads don't have to match as long as they sound good together, but I do try to keep them the same on the toms.


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I've used a mish-mosh of different hardware over the years, but I've since stabilized to have DW all around; 9000 stands at home in the studio and 6000s in the bag for gigs, though I'm playing with the idea of selling those and getting 7000s because sound guys can be exceptionally whiny about the flat bases. I really like having consistency in the look of the hardware; I've always thought the toothless tilter handle things looked nice; they remind me of the front of English steam engines.

As for shells; for gigs it's usually homogeneous, but I have brought mismatched kicks and toms. Snares never match; I don't own a single matching snare for any of the five kits in my collection. I think the statement about wanting kick and toms to match doesn't necessarily make sense; it's nice to have them sound the same, but usually I tune my kicks very differently than I do my toms, and lately I've been rocking a 16x22 Gretsch USA Custom kick with 10/12/14/16 Yamaha Birch Absolute toms and they sound great as a bunch, though the Gretsch kick doesn't really sound all that different from the Yamaha. And a couple weeks ago I was doing the opposite; 14/16/18 Gretsch toms with the 18x24 Yamaha kick for ultimate bigness.

Cymbals are always mismatched, but they've been picked to work as a set.