MF Stupid deal of the day


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There for a long time they did have a crazy deal on something almost daily. Now your lucky to get a set of cables or a mic stand on sale. Any one else noticed this lately, wonder what happened. Here today's deal
I mean it is still a deal just not what they used to have going on, and now it is rarely ever Drum related.


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Yeah, every drum item seems to be of the low end variety. I guess they just want to hook newbies since they know less about the equipment they want to buy.

You have to be looking everyday though to catch some of those crazy deals. I rarely check more than once a week or two.


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They opened up a "backstage pass" program, so that people will pay money for the opportunity to buy stuff at low prices. Most of their deals are paywalled behind that program, and moved overstock and DBD merchandise to the now-appropriately named stupid deal of the day.


3 of my 4 MG mic cables are out of spec impedance wise, 2 of the ends have fallen off after being plugged in / unplugged a half dozen times. The outer insulator tested positive for lead and BPA, and the cables cannot be run in tandem with (or in close proximity to) an AC cord.