Metro V Brady


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Hi all,

There seem to be a few Aus drum companies popping up and making some lovely kits, I personally have only played Brady's and they are well the best kits I've every played.

I was just wondering if any had any experience of Metro and how they compare to the sound and craftmanship of Brady i.e will they last or will they have issues in future years???




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Well Metro are a hell of a lot more boutique still than Brady. I doubt many people outside the country (and inside) have heard of Metro. Quality-wise they both do great snares and kits. Brady have been in the game longer but from what I've seen and played Metro are just as awesome. I own a Metro 10x6 Jarrah block snare and love it. I've also played a 14x5 Metro Jarrah ply snare, and own a 14x5 Brady Jarrah ply, which the Metro drum was modelled off. The two drums are just about identical in terms of tone and tuning range.

The advantage Metro has over Brady is that they are willing and able to do more custom shell constructions and finishes, but Brady has been in the business a lot longer.