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You sent me a PM and wrote you this reply, but when I sent it, the forum said that you don't receive private messages. So here it is.
Hi welcome to the forum. Your head selection is similar to what I am currently using. I like the old ec2's, but I've read that the ink they use on the under side of the new EC2's (the black stripes around the edge) for ring control, flakes off after some time. I don't buy heads often, so I chose Aqurian Super 2's for my rack toms, with G1's or ambassadors as resos. I really liked the old EC2's that use something like chrome tape as the rings on the underside. I think the Super 2's are great too. I thought my fl. toms needed a little heavier head on top, so I chose Aqurian Performance 2's. The 14" Fl. tom had a tremendous amount of sustain. After reading on this forum about using a 2 ply as a reso, I put a super 2 reso on the 14, and that did the trick. The 16" has an ambassador as a reso. On my kicks I have an Aqurian SK1. On my 20" it's pretty good. On the 22" SK1 and it sounds great. Both kicks have stock Yamaha resos with a 5" port, and no muffling on the 20. I think the reso is a Remo PS3. I use a Ludwig Accent kit at rehearsal, because it's there already. The 22" kick has a EQ4 Evans batter. I'm not sure what the reso is, but it's unported. I like the kick a lot. I'm tempted to buy one for my 20. The kick heads are kind high priced, so it might be a while before I buy one. I'm also curious about Super kick 2's. I almost forgot about my snares. I have an 1988 model 6 1/2 X 14 Tour Custom, and a steel Yamy same size from the same era. Both of them have a coated Genera HD batter. I really like this head on my snares, a lot! They seem to be lasting a long time too. I think I've had the HD on the steel drum over a yr. I play reasonably hard too.