Mesh or screen heads as reso heads


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I actually saw them on a kit recently. Actually it was set up to promote the mesh heads on the batters and by the looks of it they'd thrown them on the reso side for good measure too. I thought then as I think and complete gimmick.

Totally unnecessary, for mine. If I didn't want to use a reso head, I'd just take it off, not fork over my hard earned on something that serves no purpose but asthetics (I'm not buying the "keeps shells in round" line either). :)

The whole idea of a mesh head is to silence the sound of the drum. That can be done by putting them on the batter side......what's the point of paying good money for a silent reso that doesn't resonate? IMHO, you may as well have nothing.


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I think either Pacific or Pearl made a practice/portable kit that had mesh on one side and mylar on the other, on the premise that you could flip the drums the other way for silent practice or use it for actual playing. If all you are looking for is a single-headed sound with double-headed looks, then it might work.


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Yah, the "Keeps the shells round" line almost made me fork over my whole savings ;P

Anyhow going from what Mikecore said, the Only reason I'de buy it is for the single head sound on a kick... Ive done it before with an older kit of mine, and loved it, but the threaded part in the lugs all rattled like crazy, some clear tape fixed that lol.... Ill have to see in the morning how my bass drums will sound with single heads...


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Sounds like it's not a terrible idea if you want the single headed sound without risking destroying your now-exposed bearing edges. Probably more economical to take a knife to an old set of heads, but such is life.


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It really depends on the sound you want. I love a wide open sound that's anywhere from Bonham to Cobham to Danny Carey. It gives you that single-headed, punchy sound for sure. For me, part of it is for looks, but that's because I don't like the look of a bass drum without a front hoop. I also don't want to expose the bearing edges in case I ever put a reso head back on...
I enjoy it, and I get a great sound with my only muffling being my Emad.


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yeah I was thinking about an emad, I still have my stock ddrum head on it right now, But i love the punch.. Yah same here with the looks, plus with my luck ide destroy the edge on a door or something lol

Now I need the moneys lol