Merry Christmas everyone!

Bo Eder

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The cool thing about this Drummerworld community is how well we get along. Yes, I know, there's enough drama here (and more on other forums) that I tend to ignore, but for the most part, this forum is really my first internet experience where I've actually met some genuinely nice people and made some friends.

When I look back on my time here so far, I now know people in England (Andy), Australia (Grae), some east coasters (Gvd, Larry, Bob), west coasters like Al and Nodiggie, and I even got to sub for Bermuda a couple of times. And I say it's probably because we're all drummers moreso than being another instrumentalist. We just have this "help one another" attitude that is reflected in the instrument we all choose to play - the drums - and we really are the glue that holds everything together. So thanks for the friendships and I just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas.

And a very cool thing happened today, I actually drove up to Harry Conway's place and met the man. He lives in a part of Pasadena that's tucked away in the hills north of L.A., where everyone seems to have an impossible driveway (50-degree slopes, really?) but most of the homes were built in the 1920s or so, so everything has this old skool LA feel, and it was quite nice. We chatted a bit in his drum storage garage where he had a few kits, and he had a couple of kits in his home as well, and he just made me a very nice offer that I couldn't refuse.

So, if anyone is wondering where Harry's natural maple thermagloss Ludwigs went, I have them. They are a players kit, and I have to do some work to get them up and playing, but it's worth it. I've been wanting a Bonham type kit with the 26" bass drum, and Harry was looking to let his go so he can finish putting together another kit with a 26" bass drum - the guy has a few drum projects he's working on, perhaps we can get him to talk about them more here. All I gotta do is get some needed parts, re-paint the hoops, get some new heads, and I'll be stylin' without having to shell out some of the insanely high prices people are charging for Ludwig Bonham kits.

We discussed how we think people are asking too much, but I guess if the demand is high, the price will be high. But at the same time, I think for me having a new kit is a bit of a freak out. I just want to play these, and I don't want to have to worry about them so much. Harry's the same way. This kit is not perfect, but you can play them. They have scratches, but to see how well they've aged since being made in the late 70s/early 80s, they feel like another scratch isn't going to be the end of the world.

So it's nice to know I've been making friends here. That's what's so cool about Drummerworld. Give me a couple of weeks and these Ludwigs will be up and running and I'll post some pics. I love a good drumset project! Thanks Harry for saving me a significant amount of $$$ this Christmas!

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Very cool deal with Harry, who's a Drummerworld cool dude :) :) :) I love this place too. It's my only online hang, & the members here are great!

I'd love to travel round & look up the various characters here, but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon :) We do have LDS next year though, & Larry's coming over for that. Hopefully Henri will chip in too, plus Duncan, Ben, Dave, & a few other forum cats usually hang out. Great to see David over this year too!

Merry Christmas everyone - KEEP BASHING THOSE TUBS!

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We do have LDS next year though, & Larry's coming over for that. Hopefully Henri will chip in too, plus Duncan, Ben, Dave, & a few other forum cats usually hang out....
...and hopefully Grea too :)

Yes, I second Andy's comment, cool deal indeed, and Harry's a great brother in arms.

Bo, I cant wait to see the pics, and hopefully a little clip of your good self bashing it :)

...and ditto, I have made and met very good friends since I joined this forum :)

Merry Christmas everyone


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Another great testimony to the people of DW. Harry was instrumental (yeah I said it) in getting me started and providing a complete newbie with a snare she will treasure for always. Every time I play it, I appreciate more and more just what he did for me and what an awesome gift it was. And...I've never even met the man!

And of course, the advice I've received here from everyone else is priceless. I do hope that someday, i will be knowledgable enough that I can somehow pay some of this forward to others here.

I really do feel like friendships are forged here and hopefully I'll eventually get the chance to meet some of you in person someday, but even if that doesn't happen, I'll call you friends ( a term I don't use lightly)

Merry Christmas and happy drumming!

And Bo, can't wait to see that kit!


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Nice- I have seen that pic he posts of that kit soooo many times (and taken much from it- floor tom to the L of my hats) that I am very curious to see what you do with it.

In this day and age, its incredible to see people meeting from online introductions and having the result be as you said. Heres to drummers everywhere!

Merry Christmas to you (drums are always a good present) and everyone. I am settling in for a good one with the fam- no new drums for me tho :(.


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Sounds like a very merry Christmas for you, Matt. Congrats on your new purchase. I can't wait to see the next clip.


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Merry Christmas to all .Can't wait to see the Bonham kit up an running Bo.This is a great community and I'm glad to be a part of it.Thanks people.:)

Steve B


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This place is a treasure trove of information and I read much more than I post. I have gained
so much from others posts that has helped me that it would be too much to list. Most recently, I picked up "Beyond Bop" because of discussions here.

Merry Christmas to All!


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Best Christmas, Kwanzaa and belated Hanukkah wishes all Drummerworld brothers and sisters all over the world!!!
We all may celebrate different holidays, but the love drumming brings us together.
I hope it expands one day to the entire planet and we all celebrate what we all have in common as well as what is unique about each of us rather than putting others down for not being exactly like us.

Anthony Amodeo

Merry Christmas Bo

we need to hook up next time I'm out west

maybe we can go bug Stan and Jerry over on Vine


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Congrats on the Ludwigs, man! Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see 'em all purdied up!

Merry Christmas everybody!