memory issues


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This weekend I have my first performance with a band. As far as playing the material, I'm not really nervous, but what has me concerned is my memory. I'm always forgetting which verse we're on, where solos start and end, etc. Anyone else have this issue?


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Mental practice nonstop throughout the day is equally as effective as 2 hours of practice in my experience. Just run through your set list several times throughout the day, all day. You'd be surprised what that will do for you.


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Use the tried and true old standard........the head nod. This works at open stages where maybe only one or two players out of five or six know the tune. It works when you have a new tune for your own band and you are helping each other through it. Sometimes you're the nodder, sometimes you are the noddee. I've played many tunes that I had never even heard before and did really well using this method. Good luck!