Max Roach: The Human Being Creates the Instrument

Scott K Fish

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Max Roach: The Human Being Creates the Instrument

"For me, it's not the instrument that creates the human being, it's the human being that creates the instrument," Max Roach says, explaining his extreme reluctance to list his equipment. "I've seen people like Charlie Parker and Art Blakey and Buddy Rich play on crap, and they still sound brilliant."

Max Roach: Drum Architect, by Kevin Whitehead, Down Beat, October 1985

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Agree 100%

Advice given to me many years ago "Make the instrument fit the person, not vice versa" Meaning, for drummers, seat height, drum and cymbal placement, grip and technique should all be modified to suit you. We are all different in build, posture, strength, limb length, flexibility etc. Make the kit fit you and you will be more comfortable and play better.

Also, If the way you play makes a fepos kit sound great then you are truly gifted and lucky, you can blow a guy with a £4k kit off the stage. Its about sound not looks or labels.

Dont get me wrong, I love a nice kit, and no I cant make a junk kit sound good, but I greatly admire those that can.


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Thank you Max. So true.
I always appreciated uglier, mis-matched, jelly bean, mongrel drum kits anyway.