Martin Valihora


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I saw Martin Valihora play with Hiromi's Sonicbloom at the Blue Note NYC and he was really really good. His chops are really great, but he plays with very much musicality and sensitivity over a wide range of songs. Hiromi Uehara is also a mind bogglingly good piano player. Anyone else ever gotten to see Martin live?


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He is one of my biggest inspirations! I love his drumming. It's so full of musicality, finesse and pure beauty! I just love it!
Watch the man in action (one of the greatest drum solos I've heard!) -

(Please, do yourself a favor and watch part 1 too, but part 2 is the solo)

Drummer Karl

No, I`ve never seen Martin Valihora live, nor I saw Hiromi.
Anyway I love the band and the music. Hiromi makes some great great music and so Martin does. His drumming is fresh, tight, sensitive. I love this version of Laugh and Laughter Zorlee.

I watch it so often. Really excellent music!

PS: I also like Martin`s drum sound very much, has kind of a natural punchiness in the higher tuning range.



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i just discovered this guy. he's the current drummer for hiromi's jazz band. holy crap can this guy ever play! he's extremely fast, intricate, and musical. if you've never heard of him, you should treat yourself to a listen.


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I love this guy! I wish I could see them live! I'm not really into jazz or jazz fusion but Hiromi's Sonicbloom is a for sure exception. And Valihora manages to keep such a good and groovy sound even in these strange time phrases
I'd love to learn from this guy if I could speak his language haha