Marching rudiments?

Bo Eder

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I'm sure there's alot of them, but you can start with the standard 26 rudiments as prescribed by the national association of rudimental drummers.


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It depends on who you're playing with, and who is doing the writing, but certainly open rolls and drags based on a 16th note rhythm, especially 5s, 6s, tap 7s, and 9s; and paradiddles, double paradiddles, and paradiddle-diddles; and flams on everything, flam taps, flam accents, Swiss triplets, and maybe pataflaflas and flam drags. And lots of accented 16ths. I never encountered an actual flamacue or ratamacue in my marching career, but maybe somebody is still playing them. I wouldn't go off of the list of the standard 26-- some of them are given in an old-fashioned form, which isn't going to help you much preparing for contemporary marching settings.


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Bill Bachman boils the hands part of drumming down to 12 'main movements' he calls Gateway Rudiments and has come up with a list of 44 Modern Rudiments You Need To Know. Of those 44. (Of those 44, 19 have been uploaded on his website already, the site was launched last year.)

His 44 Modern Rud's partially coincide with the 26 Standard Rudiments but obviously, there's also some changes as he considers some rudiments of the 26 Standard ones outdated by now.