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Just wondering if anyone here is involved with a marching band ? and if so what divisions do you compete in?
Is it highschool lvl

I'm in the drumline at Upper Darby Highschool

this is from before i was at the school but one of my favorite shows by my school

also anyone who has the chance to join the school marching band i would definatly suggest doing so

Class A Drummer

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Center Snare High school drumline. We are self run. We put the line together 2 years ago. It use to be fun, but in all honesty its gotten really boring.


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im just in the marching band..

Chandler High School Marching Band...or Chandler High School Drumline.

im the quad player...i've been on everything tho..i started out on quads my 8th grade year. got hurt, healed, went to snare. became lead snare..then i was lead snare all my 9th grade year.
then this year, i was lead snare agian, and then our bass drum leader(best friend) passed away, so i stepped down out of lead snare and took over on the bass'. not his one could fill his shoes..

but, now im on quads..




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man sorry for your loss, bo
but quads are fun

Class A maybe if you could try to get a whole thing going for indoor drumline competitions? if your on a scale large enough.


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I'm in my high schools drumline, and it's great. Last year for winter line we took 1st in state (Colorado) and went to WGI in Dayton, which was awesome. It's a great experience, I love it. There's just nothing like the activity really. And talk about the chops you gain from it too...damn.


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I love marching. I'm a junior on tenors. Marching season is long over. Well not really, our football team went to state a week ago and we played there...that was fun but I love marching a show.
Reeths-Puffer HS marching band in Michigan (BOA, MCBA) as well as Great Lakes Percussion (WGI winter line). Always wanted to do DCI, and even made it into Santa Clara Vanguard for the '02 season, but couldn't afford the combination of dues and not working for the summer, since I had to return to college the next year. I'm aged out now (28), but still miss marching somewhat. I blame drumline for starting this expensive lifelong addiction we call drumming. :)

EDIT: Also one year in the Arizona State University "marching" band, if you can call them that. God, what a train wreck.
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Horay for marching bands!

I was in marching band all 4 years of high school and for one season in college. Southwest High School marching band for 4 years and the University of Texas at Arlington marching band for 1 season years ago when they still had a football team. After 3 years in middle school band, I started off on tenor drum my hs freshman year, stayed there my sophmore year, then played bass drum in a 3-person bass drum squad my junior year, then switched to snare my senior year.

And band chicks are fun too. I dated a chick in the flag corps my junior year.

Mostly my time in marching band was fun, although even in high school we had some major egos to deal with in the drum line - real pricks in and out of band. But for the most part it was productive and fun. And the girls!! Oh yeah!!
Yeah, it's all about the colorguard / dance line girls. I had a few in my day too. ;-)

I think the egos in the snareline is a universal thing. I spent 3 seasons as #2 snare, marching for a center who kept his spot through his parents' donations. The guy had chops, but if he was on the beat or in formation it was purely by coincidence.


sophomore snare at Jackson Memorial High School.. was on drumline last year, one of only 2 freshman :) u gain so much experience playing in marching band its a really great program
Sophomore quad at Dublin Jerome High School. My drumming ability just about quintoupled after my freshman year on quads.

I'm albeit guaranteed the position of section head next year. Sweet. I'm hoping for the line's first "Best Percussion" rating since '05. We were so close this year... so close.

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Wow, HS marching band was so long ago but I remember the good times.

Freshman year I played Bass 1 and then Sophomore - Senior I was center Snare drum. Senior year I was also Co-Section Leader and I got my own 8-measure solo (while marching) in the beginning of one of our songs, cuz none of the other snare guys could get the stickings down hehe.

The shenanigans that went on at band camps and during the season, I could write a book about that... LOL


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I was snare all throughout my High School Marching career.
Senior year,I walk in and my name was on the Quads...but the guy who was always number one chair on the snare(I was two) kind of bumped me back to snare. Without me ever even being able to try out on them.

He was like"No, that is wrong, I am going to play them"

I should have spoken up and defended myself, but I let it ride.