Maple drum kit!

john gerrard

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Good going on the new kit. One big word of advice, be very careful about moisture in the unfinished basement. Dampness is a very bad thing for drums. You may want to find a dehumidifier. Good luck. John


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Congratulations on your new kit! I haven't played one of those, but everything I've ever seen from Sonor was very well made.
Setting up on a carpet is always a good idea. If possible, you want as much carpet/fabric in the room as possible so the sound doesn't get too muddy from bouncing around the hard surfaces of the walls and floor. Get a couch and some upholstered chairs down there, too if you can. Every little bit helps, and surely you're gonna have some friends over and they'll need a place to sit.


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Hey Guys...Just got the new Sonor Select Force S-Drive kit pure maple and im curious to hear if there are some of you who already own a full maple kit and what you guys think!

I tried it a few times and fell in love right away with the sound...
Also ill be setting up the kit in an unfinished basement..Do I need a carpet? Is there anything I should know or do for a maple kit