Mapex drums!!!


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Hello everyone,

I'm completely new to the drums and this forum but I wanted to ask some advice on buying my first kit. Im on quite a tight budget you see.

I have seen some Mapex tornado drums for £249 which I can just about afford but as a novice I am not too sure as to whether they are any good. I do really like them though and am tempted to buy them but before I do, I would appreciate the advice of you more experienced drummers out there.

Here they are : -

Thank you.



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You are better off buying higher quality used than entry level new drum kits! Do a thread search of this forum and you will see this sediment expressed many times by many experienced drummers


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Basswood is not the best wood for drums, and the fact that you are getting cymbals and all for that price, it won't be long before you are dissatisfied. Look for used for that same budget as mentioned above.