MAPEX "Black Widow"


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Cheers for the replies :)

My only concern is that with it being 5" deep it won't be as loud as I want. But I'm thinking screw it :p

If I buy it I will reply here with what its like for anyone intrested :)

Thanks guys! :)



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Havent heard the Black Widow, but if you like it I think you should buy it. If you want some suggestions for other fat sounding snares I have a few right off my head: Porkpie Pig Light, Ludwig Supra (out of your price range I think though), OCDP Maple ( I think is fat...), and Ludwig Aluminum snare perhaps....

But as I said before you should go with your first choice the Black Widow, because that is most likely the snare you truly want. A lot of the time I find myself having a hard time choosing what I want, when I find out the original item I want was the one that was truly desired by me. Its really confusing with all the competition now a days lol


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I own a Black Panther custom snare......not a Black Widow. When I bought mine from Resurrection Drums ( in Hollywood FL I played a Ludwig Black Beauty, a DW Steel-Wood-Steel snare, and MANY others they have IN STOCK at the same time to compare all of them. Price was no object, dudes and ladies! I chose the Mapex BP because of sound. It rocks! IMHO.


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Hi everyone! :)

I need a new snare, as I'm not happy using my freinds almost like it feels wrong? but anyway! I was looking around and came across this Mapex 'Black Widow' snare which is part of their Black Panther range, I love the look of it and the sound clips from Mapex and also a youtube video, make it seem ideal!

But before I go spending all of my pennies on it, I was wondering if anyone here has one? or even played one, and can pass any comments on it. good or bad if I should look for something else? any opinions welcomed :)

I'm just looking for a loud but dry snare, no crazy overtones just a nice phat sound and under £250 I really can't justify spending more than that, and I've found the Black Widow for £195

Thanks everyone! :D