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Hi all,
Does anyone know if there's a standard Management Contract available anywhere between a Manager of a Band and the Band themselves ????

I've found and decided to try and manage a band locally who have reached the regional finals of The Surface Festival.

We've agreed to give it a 6 month trial basis on both sides, partially as I've never done this before (don't think Epstein had either) and don't know how it will affect / encroach on my normal work life and obvioulsy they want to see if I can start getting them some eposure / publicity and bigger gigs / festivals than they're already getting.

I don't want to be left in a situation though where I work my butt off for them, they're on the verge of making it / going bigger and someone else steps in after 6 months and 1 day and reaps the benefits of all the work I've done by promising them the earth to entice them away.
Anybody any idea's how this could be worded and I could protect myself to have the right to then sign them up for a longer period, they're looking at it mainly from the point that if I'm not doing anything for them they don't want to be tied in indefinitely which I can also totally understand.
If in 6 months I hadn't been able to acheive anything for them and felt it was a waste of mine and their time I'd release then from any contract anyway as there would be no point but don't know how any of this could be made official to protect both parties best interests???
Anybody any bright idea's or been in a similar situation before, would welcome any input anyone may have !!!!


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+1 on that and as an aside to Brian Epstein..being that the family owned a music store that he worked in...he did have contacts in the biz,and a good sense of what to do and where to go if he didn't have an answer to a particular question.

That is a big job you're getting yourself into if you don't have at least some prior experience.Talking to an entertainment lawyer on a consultation will give you a better idea of your responsibilities.Good luck.,and remember,if it was easy...everybody would do it.

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That is a big job you're getting yourself into if you don't have at least some prior experience.
Good luck.,and remember,if it was easy...everybody would do it.

Steve B
Totally accept what you say above, I think that's why it appeals in all honesty, I've run my own business for 12 years successfully which I created off the sofa at home with my wifes company laptop to start and I'm kind of bored with it now - - prior to that was a Futures & Options Broker for 10 years and both of these are the kind of things that required sheer dedication and determination.
I think I just thrive off of things that are a challenge they seem to bring me to life and it's when I'm at my best and kowing how hard it can be is 90% of the appeal.
I also think if you find a product you believe in enough you can sell it to anyone.

One of my biggest regrets in life, having been offered a place at music college was not taking it up and pursuing music as a caerer - I also see this as a way of filling that void to a degree.

A big thank you though to both of you for your responses, I did have a look at the link you posted layyrz and the various contracts they offer, certainly looks interesting as a good starting point !!

I'll let you know where the journey takes me and when I throw in the towel and you can say I heard it here 1st :)