maintenance for your kit


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Hello. I just got a brand new lacquer finish drum kit, and I want to be sure that I maintain it right. I know some of the obvious things like to always travel with cases, etc, but I wonder if there are other things which should be kept in mind. For example I've seen people always cover the kit with a sheet so the sunlight through the window doesn't damage it, or people store it away during the winter season when it's always cold. Would these help or is this more of an anal thing? What about stacking drums when they are off of their hardware? Is that a bad idea?

Let me know what you think. Thanks!
...It's a Mapex Saturn by the way, in case anyone is curious.


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Keeping your kit away from the elements is crucial. Sun, rain, humidity, salty ocean air (it's a killer), extreme heat or cold and other drummers. These are all things to stay away from. A sheet is a great idea to keep dust and light off of your drums. You are on key with cases too. I don't like to stack drums, because I feel it puts too much unneeded constant stress on the drums, heads and hardware. Keep them clean with a microfibre cloth and you should be ok. I am sure there are other things I have not mentioned, but the others will chime in.