Mad Bad and Dangerous - book of drummers' tales


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Hi Brady,
yes I've already begun the sequel and hope to get Spinal Tap and Anvil - I have a contact for them. The book seems to be particularly popular in the heavy metal biographies category on Amazon (top 20 for quite some time) - perhaps that's because the book features Nigel Glockler from Saxon and Denise Dufort from Girlschool!


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That looks like an intersting read.

One great comment and endorsement for the book--from a guitarist no less--that I ran across on Amazon is below.

"As a guitarist I used to take drummers for granted and not really understand what it takes to do what they do. They're at the back, and the audience generally don't pay much attention to what they are doing and believe the reasion they can't stop dancing is the singer or guitarist. If they are playing well you can easily believe it's you that is making everything rock or swing and not them. But they are usually the first at the gig to set up and the last to leave. They have the most gear, need the biggest car and in many cases the price of just one of their cymbals would buy a decent guitar. So what makes them pursue what on paper(or screen)seems such an unattractive occupation?

Spike Webb brings together a fabulous collection of anecdotes that are humorous, personal accounts of the lives and experiences of the drummer and reveals the some of the characteristics that make up this unique breed. A cracking book and essential reading for all musicians ( and drummers ;-) ). "

I don't know if the comments are written by real people or not but I wouldn't mind having a guitarist like that in my band.

By the way, will there be a sequel to your book covering the drummers of Spinal Tap? ;-)


I was bought a copy of this for Yule and it's an amazing read.


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Heard the one about the drummer who had to fly separately from Oasis because they thought he was bad luck? Or the drummer who drummed his way out of prison?
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