Luke Bullen drum kit (Joe Strummer and the Mascaleros)


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Hi all, I am new to DW, and this is my first post.

Anyone know where I could look to find out what kit Luke Bullen used when he recorded the "Streetcore" album with the Mascaleros (Joe Strummer's* band post The Clash)? Particularly the tracks "Midnight Jam" and "Burning Streets". (*Strummer died while the album was in edit). Bullen

Bullen now plays Premier-Percussion/Zildjian with partner/singer KD Tunstall (according to the product sites), and also has Google links with Roland electronic kits, but i have a feeling he used something different with the Mescaleros.

Any thoughts please to this thread or to

many thanks


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Really hard to trace facts like that down "these" days. So many cartage houses exist, that the recording industry uses daily, example, drummer Z is endorsed by Tama. But his kit just isn't the sound the producer wants. Quick call to, Ross Garfield, "the Drum Doctor"...Ross brings over the infamous "Gretsch" kit, that's been used on 1000+ albums before, the drum tech, the sound engineer, and the producer all have used this kit before, numerous times. Time is money.........unless you actually talk to someone who was involved with that recording session. Might try a direct e-mail to Luke Bullen, for starts.