Ludwig Supraphonic 402

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Hey guys what's up.Would a ludwig supraphonic 402 work for james brown style funk,soul ,blues and rock music or would a ludwig acrolite work better


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The snares on James Brown albums were snappy and dry. A shallower drum would work better...the 402 has a tad more body than you would need/want, I think...


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if you HAVE the 402 already i would say ya it can do it, tune it up high. If you are LOOKING to buy either of thosec hoices for funk drumming I would choose the 5 x 14 Acro (best snare for the dollar).


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I would go with the 5x14 Acro or an LM400. dollar for dollar, I think the Acrolite is the best metal drum ever made for the money.


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Pretty much agree with the concensus here. Sure a 402 would work by cranking it up, but if that's the sound I was after I'd be more likely to reach for the shallower 400 or 14x5 Acro.


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Thanks for the help guys.Would an old acrolite be better then a new black galaxy sparkle acrolite.
Some say that there is a hearable difference in acro finishes if you are sitting over the drum. I think the difference is so minute as to not be something to worry about. The audience won't hear any difference. I would not be afraid to buy new.they are great. that said, I personally have a vintage 70's acro.


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If you ultimately want an Acro, and a 5x14, I'll say get a 70's with the Brushed Aluminum finish.
You can find them for a good price on eBay, and might get lucky in a pawn shop, or on CL.

I had a Blackrolite in 6.5, and it does sound a bit different than the new Brushed Aluminum finished 6.5 I just got.
I liked the Blackrolite, but there was "something" that made me like it less than my 70's Acro in it's overall tone. I could never put my finger on it though.

I LOVE the tone and sounds I get from this Brushed Aluminum finished shell.

I'd imagine the 5x14 reissue drum would sound just like my 1976 Acro.

OR, you could get a 400. That may be the snare they used on those recordings anyway.