Louisville Leopards Percussionists Snare


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It's been a while since I have posted, but here is the completed leopard wood drum I am donating to The Louisville Leopards Percussionists. The Leopards are a world-class children's percussion group in Louisville, KY that provides instruction to children across all economic strata for little to no cost. This drum will be part of an auction the Leopards are holding on April 24th.

The Leopards have gone viral with orchestral covers of various rock songs like Crazy Train and Led Zeppelin compilation. Ozzy Osbourne was so impressed that he sent a generous donation a few years ago of $10,000. The Leopards are currently without a building and are trying raise funds for that effort and to continue their valuable work.

Please consider donating to the Leopards via the link on their page: http://www.louisvilleleopardpercussionists.com/