Loose Snare Stand?


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I've found that when I play with my snare stand really loose and the snare wires pressed against the metal pole of the stand, it gives the snare a really tight sound. Is this bad for the drum/wires?

Lunar Satellite Brian

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Keeping the snare stands ridiculously tight is bad for both your snare wires and especially your snare side head.

But with that being said I still do it occasionally for the unique sound.

Keeping your snare basket loose is fine, Keeping it really tight and clamped to the snare makes the snare resonate through the stand too much and also can put your snare side hoop out of shape if you really put a lot of tension on it.


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the snare wires pressed against the metal pole of the stand, i
what metal pole? the center one?
your snare wires should only touch your snare head to vibrate freely. i'm not sure how they can touch any of the stand as they are tightened down within your snare bed (hopefully not loose and hanging)

don't overtighten snare stand as it cuts the resonance of your drum.


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In short -- yes. The bottom head of your snare, and your snares, should not be touching anything but each other.

Your snare basket should be tight enough to hold the drum steady, but not putting any sort of significant pressure on the hoop or shell. Also avoid putting one of the "hands" of the basket directly over one of the snare beds.


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I only tighten the stand for transport, and loosen it enough to lift it right off for playing. It doesn't go anywhere, I don't play upside-down. The wires touching the stand is pretty odd though.