looking to get my first real kit soon....


mostly thinking of this kit. i like that it's got the 20x16 kick and 14 inch floor tom, mostly because i've got space constraints. as for the toms up top, i'd probably just use one or two of them. i also like that they've got a green fade finish with black hardware. that's a great look man!

this one seems kinda cool too, but the kick is 22 inches long! might be too big for the space i have, but maybe the tone would be worth it? the fact that it comes with a deeper snare is kinda cool too as i like a bit of a fatter snare sound. anybody have experiences with these:

what are your opinions on these kits, or even just ludwig element kits in general? i've seen a few users on this site who own them, so they can't be all bad, right?? hehe.... my playing style would be a mix of rock, pop, alternative, some metal(iron maiden as far as the heaviest of it), reggae, punk and ska.

anyways, feedback is definitely appreciated. thanks!
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bump. haha seriously, what do you guys think of the elements? i've asked around locally and no one really has had any experience with them.
675$ for a shell pack thats a little above the accent series, really not worth it man. Don't get me wrong, Ludwig Element is a great kit. With good tuning, good heads, It'll sound better than other kits in its price range. But with 675$, i can totally get a used vintage ludwig kit and a used vintage Ludwig supra-phonic snare. Also, if u don't have enough room, then don't get the big kick and extra toms. Probably wouldn't use it much anyway. U can get along with the slightly smaller kick just fine and you'll outgrow the kit sooner or later.


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Go Tama, Mapex, or Sonor my friend.
You cant go wrong with Tama, Mapex, or Sonor.
A 20 inch kick is fine. You don't need a super deep or large diameter kick to sound great.
16 x 20 or 18 x 20 will be fine.

Mapex link http://www.samash.com/p/Meridian Birch Jazz Set with Hardware Assorted Colors_638366

The Tama ImperialStar has a 14 x 18 inch bass drum. I play the older version called the StageStar. I love mine! I gig with it. Mine is pictured below.
http://www.samash.com/p/IS58 New Imperialstar 5 Piece Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals Assorted Colors_185188
You can still find some StageStar kits. 14 x 18 bass drum, less cash. http://drums-percussion.musiciansfriend.com/product/Tama-Stagestar-5Piece-Drum-Set-with-Cymbals-?sku=583038&src=3WFRWXX&ZYXSEM=0&CAWELAID=529831027

Here is the Sonor 2007. Another great kit! http://www.amazon.com/Sonor-Force-2007-Studio-Blue/dp/B000PANPS4
Sonor 3007. More cash but a lot better. http://www.samash.com/p/Force 3007 Studio 1 5 Piece Drum Set with Hardware Blue Sparkle_-49995973
17 1/2 x 20 bass drum. Crazy Germans, I love um!

The reason why I mentioned the StageStar and the ImperialStar 18 inch bass drum kits is because they make great practice kits that you can gig with.
Even if you get a larger kit in the future you will always have a use for the 18 inch bass kit as a practice or small gig kit.
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yup, go used, you're gonna go through half a dozen kits before you find a set up that suits you, save a little money with used and just stick with the big names - Yamaha, Mapex, Tama, Ludwig...


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Here is a way that I got value out of a practice kit,
I bought a Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit for practice. (comes with all needed hardware)
I went on eBay and I found some matching new ddrum maple rack and floor toms.

I can use the real cool 8x20 bass drum, bass pedal, stands, and snare from the Pearl RT kit with the 3 Pearl RT shallow 5 inch deep concert toms or I can use the RT snare and bass drum with the three ddrum maple toms that I bought for under $300.

Total cost for both Pearl RT kit and the 3 ddrum toms was $700.

You don't have to buy those same drums, but it is the concept of two kits that share some drums and hardware.
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haha, i too have been looking at this kit. black-green fade looks AMAZING. i wish it came with hardware though, i also wish that people on this site could give feedback on the item that is mentioned, not other items. =/


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haha, i too have been looking at this kit. black-green fade looks AMAZING. i wish it came with hardware though, i also wish that people on this site could give feedback on the item that is mentioned, not other items. =/
It was mentioned that the Ludwig kit is good but over priced.
That is why the experienced drummers are not mentioning the Ludwig kit.
If you or the OP want the ludwig kit it will be fine.
We were just giving options.
So far no one thinks that the Ludwig Shell packs are a good deal.
haha, i too have been looking at this kit. black-green fade looks AMAZING. i wish it came with hardware though, i also wish that people on this site could give feedback on the item that is mentioned, not other items. =/
No point getting Ludwig Element. It's probably one of the last things I'd get due to the high price. Also, among other kits in similar prices, it doesn't really shine that much.
crap, i didn't realize i got some responses after that bump! lol thanks for the feedback guys.

i work @ guitar center now though, and with my employee discount for guitar center and musicians friend, i might still end up getting the ludwig kit just because of the color lol i realize i'll get more value with a used kit though, there's no denying that. if i can find something used that catches my eye, then i might just go for that. i'm not to worried about the quality, just as long as it won't fall apart on me or hardware starts stripping/ripping off, etc.

however, i'll definitely consider the other options out there in the same range, particularly gretsch and yamaha.

some other stuff i'm considering that i wouldn't mind having some feedback on:
fusion sized yamaha birch kit

mahogany gretsch bop kit

maple gretsch fusion kit w/22 kick:

i realize my options open up quite a bit if i go with a 22", but a 20" would be ideal for me.
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