Looking for Tama Earthtone bass drum reso head


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Most of the custom bass head companies will put whatever you want on whichever head you want. Just contact one and tell them you want a Tama logo on an Earthtone head. They may charge you a little more because that's probably not a stock head they carry and they will have to special order it. www.drumart.com and www.custombassdrumhead.com are just two of the more popular companies.


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hi everyone.

i've been trying to register at the Tama forums but not sure what's going on with their site. anyhow i am trying to locate a replacement reso head for my Tama Starclassic Exotix limited edition II. It is an Earthtone head with the Tama and Starclassic logos on them. I've contacted Earthtone but they only sent the heads over to Tama and they were customized by someone else. Anyone have any ideas besides going to the Tama forums which don't seem to be working.