Looking for similar artists (Post-punk, Jazz)


Dude! I'm from Chicago so I have seen Paper Mice a few times, in a few different settings (outside, inside) and they are amazing. The drummer is out of control awesome I love how he jazzes up his fills yet plays so powerfully! Also The Minutemen are one of the best bands of all time.


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Hiromi Uehara: The Trio Project (Jazz???):
Hiromi is awesome. I've seen that video at least a dozen times. I'm even thinking about driving up to Oakland in October to see her perform at Yoshi's.

If you like that video, you'll definitely like this one from McCoy Tyner, one of my favorite jazz pianists. I saw this quartet play this song live around 2006 or so, and everyone's jaw was on the floor.


The video is in 3 parts, so be sure to check out all three (especially the insane bass solo in part 2).



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Ok here is my reply to all the suggestions

Minutemen - really good! They play around with a lot of different ideas over the whole album.

Screaming Headless Torsos - Reminds me of Frank Zappa but with a really strong latin percussion influence. Dig it.

Deerhoof - I already know them ;P

Mercury Program - I'd prefer to listen to russian circles.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions!


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Here are a couple of artists that I have been obsessing over. Could ya pass me some artists that sound similar or you think would be cool for me to check out? I'm not even entirely sure what genre they would be considered, so a name would be helpful.

Paper mice (Post-punk???):

Hiromi Uehara: The Trio Project (Jazz???):
These are pretty awesome. Especially the Hiromi Trio...


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So, if you play in a punk band now, you're automatically called "post punk"? Shit!

Those rodent guys really do have a jerky kinda minutemen vibe. I dig em. Drummer is even kinda off the wall like George.