Looking for books on musical analysis


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I'm looking for some books (or websites) on musical analysis -- preferably where recordings are used as examples and the author will break it down and discuss the artists delivery, how the song works, the theory behind it, you know.. what makes it tick.

Over the years I realize there is nothing I like to talk about more than music, and I will geek out when talking with music enthusiasts, usually other musicians. Most of the books I've seen have a classical music emphasis, and I've found these to be extremely dry reading. I love music theory, but it applies just as much to pop, rock, metal, etc. So I'm looking for something engaging, inspiring, as well as educational.

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I think the main reason is that classical music has more interesting things to discuss. Jazz is also common in music theory books for the same reason. Everything ain't 4/4...and those styles have more complicated keys, rhythms etc.
What does it matter if its classical/jazz/blues in the book if you can apply it on all western music afterwards...