Live sound question?!?!?


Junior Member
I have a quick question, I have a gig coming up but I dont have any mics. My plan is to use my spd-20 with kd-7, a snare (12x5 pearl firecracker) and my hihats. I have a fender (dont know exact name) pa speaker that I will run the spd-20 through. The speaker have 3 mic inputs. The question is this, can I run a shure sm-57 through the pa input? do I need a mixer? I am a complete noob when it comes to live sound/ recording.

Derek Roddy

Most of the time....if you're in a club, they will provide the mics, direct boxes and mixer and such.

If it's not a club gig....then I'd say use what you have. Although, (and I assume... you're thinking you'll need the mic for the snare?) You must likely won't need a mic for the snare as... the cut pretty well.
In fact, I'd think that your snare will cut better than the electronic stuff.... through the fender amp.

Use the amp for the electronics and leave the snare should be fine.