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Hello there all, my first post on the forum now!
I've been playing now for a good 4 years, i dont think im excellent, but i'm at an okay standard! anyway, i've been playing live with various bands for a few years now, probably played around 30 shows but ive noticed that the past year with my new band, that i have problems when playing live. I get very tense, and become tired after only the first song, i tense up a lot and find it more difficult to play, and because of this it affects my confidence and i may 'play it safe' which obviously i dont want to do. i find my wrists get tired quickly and as do my arms. I think it may be a case of warming up, or stretches, or just nerves, can anybody offer any advice?


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Is this a new band that you just starting playing with recently? If so, that's TOTALLY normal... If you are like me, you'll have in the back of your mind, "I hope they think I'm good enough", "I hope I'm not 'pissing them off'".

It's a confidence issue and will be solved by practicing like an animal... Get to the point where you know the songs like the back of your hand, even if you have a poor monitor setup.

Confidence is EVERYTHING in live performances! It allows you to "feel" the music more and spend less time tense and worrying about just "getting through it".

When you fatigue quickly, you are closing your hands too tight on the sticks due to nerves and not "laying back". Concentrate on breathing... Don't hit the drums hard... Just stay loose... You'll know it when that happens... You'll be able to play for HOURS without even sweating... It's a really cool feeling once you get there...

Hope that helps!!

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Main thing is to Know the songs so you can play them in your sleep. But try to find a good routine that you like for arriving, setting up, and waiting to play. I hate hanging round waiting to go on, so i try to turn up as late as the other guys will tolerate, set up & play.
Remember now that you are in control of tempos, counting off, etc etc. Your the DRUMMER! Heartbeat of the band. You should by now have formed a good boiler room relationship with the bass player, and make sure the frontman & guitar noodler know that you & the bassman are the ones that make the people dance!!!

Above all else... Just enjoy it!!


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thanks for your comments, i was in the band for a year, left and i'm back, been back for around 5 months now, gigs are slowly getting better and easier, i dont make any mistakes and know the songs perfectly and its slowly getting there, but sometimes it still takes me a few songs to get into it, i warm up roughly, with my sticks on my legs, and feet just tapping a little, but rarely have time or space to warm up properly, few stretches etc, thanks all guys :)