Listen to a Real Custom Snare! Crazy New Design!

We have free sound recordings of some Prestigious Snares for you all to listen to free, with no signups.
Listen to them here...

Some Pictures.
Custom Center Hoop Snare matched with Kit
Snare with Ironwood Hoops/Alum Center Hoop Design

You can also watch the complete tear-down of a Prestigious Drum on Youtube here.

I'll give a small rundown on our product, if your interested in knowing more details check out our website
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What we are trying to do.
Simply put, we wish to build and sell the highest of quality drums and accessories period.

Imagine a drum company that cares where you hold your sticks, how and where you break them, individual/paired stick weight/width/length or how well your sound vibration transfers from batter to resonant head within our handmade directionally grained shells.

We are a true representation of custom and care. As it should be.
The Prestigious Team has been developing our designs for many years, and what has evolved is a new type of drum design that will be taking the drum world by storm this year!

A Rundown on Prestigious.

We use the Prestigious Hybrid Center Hoop design made from solid Aluminum or Ironwood. These hoops are in a fixed position allowing different batter/resonant head tensions. Stainless steel and additionally exotic materials can also be used.

Hoops...Instead of die-casted hoops, we handcraft Ironwood into multi-directional ply, recessed lug, drum hoops. Each containing key elements within it that will lend to strength and quality.

Quality, Handmade Ply Shells...we have developed a design that incorporates sound quality with innovation. Each Prestigious shell contains numerous, interlaced plys at 2/3 vertical wood grains, 1/3 horizontal wood grains.
This is done to ensure precise sound vibration transfer, yet by using successive horizontal plys it ensures no chance of splitting. It only makes sense to use the strength of wood and the science behind sound to our advantages.

We generally use Baltic Birch in our shells, we find the overall consistency of quality is enjoyable. There are numerous exotic materials that may be used on special request.

What about Sticks?
We make Ironwood or Purple Heartwood "grip tapered" drum sticks.
Ironwood is very dense resulting in great bounce. great snare/kit stick.
Purple Heartwood is light, airy and extremely fast on pad.

Each stick can feature a tapered grip, this will help your control, speed and enjoyment of playing.

Worlds Fastest Drummer contender Zac Sullivan(1329bpm single strokes) has begun using both types of Prestigious Drum sticks.
See more of Zac on youtube:
Breaking Multiple Speed records.
Zac explains his technique.
Single Stroke Speed record broken.

The Prestigious Team takes into account your:
-grip style
-length of stick
-weight of stick
-thickness of stick
-grip center point from tip of stick
-length of grip total

Using this detailed information we will develop and design a drum stick that is customized to your style ensuring you have the perfect bounce.
Our website features more information on our sticks, materials and paypal secure online ordering.

Will we use any other companies products?
We typically use Trick Drum Pedals, Prestigious Custom Racks and Road Case Guys Drum cases for our drums, Amedia Cymbals with a hanging system. Although we will build with a company if they imbue the true essence of actual custom and quality.
In other words if the company is wicked quality, we will support them.

We will be releasing our Prestigious Percussions Premier Quality Drum Kits to the world. This is just a sneak peak before the storm.

We hope you enjoy the sound clips and pictures, we would love your feedback and thoughts, let us know if we forgot to mention something, feel free to email us or get a free quote here.

Thank you for your time.

Prestigious Percussion
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Right on! Way to make it happen, Prestigious ;-) The sticks are certainly something I've been missing. I don't know where to start! The attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, intelligent design, custom possibilities, and flat-out overall playability. They are indeed pad, cymbal, drum, and drummer friendly! Supreme work!!!
Prestigious Percussion made me four pair, precisely weighted & matched with each pair increasing in increments of 10 grams per stick going from 65 grams up to 95.0 grams. I had them in my possession about 1 1/2 week after I ordered them which is bonkers for truly custom, made to order equipment of any sort (especially when it's mailed from another Country). They used photos and video of my grip with each hand to contour a grip for me. Both the purple heartwoods and ironwoods are musical, durable, and lovable.
If you really want to be blown away check out their website and look at the beauty, quality, and innovation at work! The drums Prestigious Percussion are building are simply the next step in the evolution of quality; both aesthetically and audibly. No major drum company could ever hope to pay such attention to detail and overall quality. High time! Keep up the innovative, unprecedented work! -Zac

Dennis S.

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Good looking stuff. Curious if ya'll are familiar with Organic Custom Drums? They've been doing the thick center band of wood with single tapped posts going through it for many years, the drums actually look almost identical. That said, good looking stuff.