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for those who use linkedin or any other business site. Do you guys put In the musical experience as well?
I have my professional non musical resume but on the website I do have it on because I want to be able to be found both As a working professional and as a musical Professional

What you guys think of it?

on a side note I apologize if the grammar and typing is bad I'm not goOd with these smart phones


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I am on linkedin but I carry no mention of this, which is nothing more than a passionate hobby for me. That site for me is strictly for the work I need to do to keep my drumming and music hobby alive and well financially as deemed necessary. For that matter, I'm not sure anyone I've ever worked with in my day gig was even remotely clued into the fact that I am into music, much less a drummer.


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I used to keep my music life and day job life very separate.

But it became problematic for two reasons:

1) I have holes in my resume from times where I was only playing. And much of my resume looks scattered because I did not necessarily go after every promotion or opportunity day job wise that was possible because my focus was on music. Where as adding in my musical endeavors fills in the blanks, and shows I was often working two "jobs" at once, and very focused on the music business.

2) It was pointed out to me my resume was not a true reflection of who I am as a person, and that people could sense I was not presenting my whole self. Trying to hide a part of my life to look professional ended up only telling people I was hiding something.

And in this day and age, potential employers are likely going to find out if they do an internet search, and it comes up with your name on a recording credit or a band website, etc.

And then, you just never know. At one interview some years back, the person interviewing my turned out to be a frustrated guitarist. We spend an hour discussing music, and very little time discussing the job itself. I got hired.

My current day job has nothing to do with music, but I got the position because someone I had met inquired about a music video I had made with my last band, and thought if I could figure that out, I must be smart enough to figure out what they needed. And then someone at this job was also making a movie, and when they asked around the office looking for someone to write some original music, they were pointed to my desk. I made some demos, they liked it, and hired me to write some stuff for their movie.