Let´s talk Tune-bot numbers (Snare Drums)


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I bought my Tune-bot more than half a year ago. It´s hard to say where I would be without this awesome little device. Tunning a snare drum by ear used to take me days, and even when I thought that I had things figured out, something about the sound always seemed rather ¨off.¨ Even after I got the Tune-bot, it took me months of experimenting untill I found a sound that was finally cool with me. Now, I´m just curious about how the rest of you like the sound of your snare drums. So, for those of you who have a Tune-bot, tell me and share with us all:

1. The snare drum(s) that you use
2. Diameter and depth of the snare drum(s)
3. The drumheads that you use (batter and resonant sides)
4. Your Tune-bot numbers (Hz) for both batter and resonant sides
5. What style of music do you play with your snare drum(s)

Here´s mine:

1. Tama PM306 (Brass PowerMetal/Artstar Snare Drum, from what I think is 1994)
2. 14x6.5
3. Batter: Clear Remo Pinstripe
Resonant: Hazy Remo Ambassador
4. Batter: 390Hz
Resonant: 405Hz
5. Latin: Regional Mexican: Banda (Sinaloense)
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I recently was fortunate enough to purchase a Steve Smith signature Sonor snare that Steve himself had used at NAMM. When it arrived, it was still tuned as he tuned it. Fortunately, I have a tune-bot! Here are the settings he had (and I continue to use on the drum).

Fundamental pitch: 3G# (sometimes read at 3A since it was really sharp, but I keep it right at 3G#).
Batter side (Fiberskyn Diplomat): 320Hz
Resonate head (Ambassador hazy, although I use a Diplomat hazy): 385 Hz

It's a cast steel drum 14x5.5.


Black panther Maple anniversary edition with gold hardware 14x6.5. with the stock gold 20 strand snare wire
on this one i like aqaurians black jack deljohnette batter and aqaurian high performance snare side head.
I tune it to 310 batter over 285 and sometimes 343 batter over 229 snare side. i like this snare with the batter tighter than the head cuz i like its fatness

70s acrolite 14x5.5 with 16 strand wires with vintage ambassador over hazy ambassador
anything works with this drum but right now I have it cranked at 356 over 400. thats as high as i go and i like using 16 strand wires with higher tunings on metal shells for some reason. I just dig that sound

Pork pie big bob 14x6.5 nickle over brass. I use evans power center reverse dot over hazy 300.
I use different snare wires right now its pure sound 30 strand but i also switch to 20 strand blasters on occasion and pure sound 20 strand wires that i cut the inner most 4 wires out and last strands on the outside for a really open sound.

i use 321 over 400 and sometimes 356 over 400. i also use the same tunings for my black panther on this drum every once and a while but i like it the best when its at 321 over 400, and the 20 strand wires.

i play rock mostly but also funk and jazz


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I play rock and metal and have a Tama Silverstar birch 14X5" snare, as well as a Tama SLP Power Maple 14 X 6.5" snare with 42 strand wires.

I have experimented with a number of different tunings, as well as different batter heads, but I keep coming back to Evans HD Dry head with 375 batter and 400 resonant. Anything lower than that on either side just doesn't sound good to my ears.

Here is a video with me playing the Silverstar snare: