Length of Tube Lugs



Hey guys, curious about tube lug length.

the drum size is 13x7, what tube lugs would be best? i was thinking double-ended lugs. i don't really know the size of the tube lugs i like...i've just seen different drums of differing sizes, so one lug's size will have differing aesthetic effects on one drum size to the next. i know i don't like deep drums having double ended tube lugs extend from one side to the other...the tubes cover up the grain!! so anybody recommend a double ended tube lug that won't cover up most of the shell?

ps, i thought small, single-ended, low profile tubes might serve better when it comes to leaving the shell's finish uncovered....but four drill holes and screws??? won't that inhibit some tone, or is it not a big deal?


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Single lugs with double ends would be huge. Not sure I would like that I would try single ended tom and snare lugs.


Look at the part number 22 series on this site. Click on lugs