Leaving drums in cases

Duck Tape

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I just got some new SKB drum cases.

I've read (on this site) that leaving drums in cases for a long time can be bad for them somehow.

Is this true? If so what can be done?


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I have drums that have been sitting in cases for years. Many of them spend more time in cases than they do being played. Never had a drum adversely affected by leaving it in its case. If you're really worried put some silica gel packs in there, but as long as the cases aren't sitting in places where they can be affected by extreme heat, cold or moisture, they'll be fine.

I've read a few of those same threads. With the exception of the glue issues on one particular brand of cases (Gator, from memory), I think what people are getting at is don't assume that having a drum in a case will protect it if that case is left to sit idle in a damp basement or a hot tin shed etc.....not that the case itself is detrimental to the drum per se.


I personally don't leave my kits in their cases for any extended periods of time. If the kit will be used within a week or so, that's no problem, they'll stay in their cases. When they're not on a gig, they're set-up in my home studio. Even when they're stored in their cases for brief periods of time, I usually end up removing them to touch up their tuning before the gig.

Another thing is, I have several sets of drums but only two roadworthy sets of cases, so at some point my drums and cases get switched around a bit.



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Just don't case your drums up when they are wet from rain or moist from dew or condensation. I made that mistake once, it started the pitting process.


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My 2nd bass drum sat in it's case in my closet for years and years.

And there is no way to tell the difference between the bass drum that did sit in the case and the one that I did 1001 gigs with. They still look identical.

My 14" tom also sat in it's case for several years, in the same closet. No issues.