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Hi All,

First post on this forum...man what a great resource!

I've been a drummer for many years...but I've never learned to read music. I really want to get started as I think this will open up a whole new world for me musically.

What would you fellow drummers suggest as a good book or DVD to get me started off on the right path? Would Pat Patrillo's "Learning to Read Rythms" be a good start or would I need something more basic?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Pat Petrillo

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Big Steve

"Learn to Read Rhythms" DVD will be for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to the READING PRO! It will you take from "this is a whole note" to dotted rhythms, triplets, syncopation, as well as odd time reading examples, etc. It will have pdf printouts as well of all the examples...about 75 in all! All on a large screen Plasma screen...

You will see the rhythm, and hear how its played..it's a book that comes with a teacher :)

Thats why I'm doing it..for ALL levels of readers to benefit.

Its editing now, so by Jan-Feb it should be ready to ship. Pre orders get a signed copy

All the Best!

PS..Clips up soon!!


Pat...Thank you for your response!

I will pre order a copy....I have started with a couple of basic books and went through them fairly quickly. Your DVD looks like something I can work on for some time.

Thanks again!


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Hello All,

Once again, thank you for ordering Pat's latest project, "Learn to Read Rhythms" DVD. The project is 80% complete, but
due to additional footage, editing and other variables, the project date has been postponed. Instead of a December release as previously mentioned, it looks like a late February release is a more probably date. Pat is also negotiating with several companies who are interested in releasing the product, so until those terms are discussed and a company is selected, the project cannot be released. But even with everything that is going on, we are still hoping for a late February, early March release date. We will continue to keep you updated with the project. Thank you for your patience and once again

Thanks for your order,

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