Learning Specific Drum Techniques


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Hello... just wanted to hear some suggestions about this topic-->

I want to learn specific techniques: Moeller, free stroke, developing fast singles & doubles around the kit.

Some teachers like to start from scratch and don't like to just jump in to these specific techniques without going over other basic fundamentals. In this situation, a series of lessons over the course of say 2-3 months is required.

Other teachers will jump in and teach you specific things over the course of just a few lessons. Is it ok to do this without going so much by-the-book from scratch (given that one already knows some stuff like proper grip)?

Thanks in advance!

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Nothing really depends on me as the teacher. My methods vary depending on what seems to work for each individual student.

I always do a progressive warm-up with my students, but I won't skimp on musical priorities and musical application because that's what it's all about.

Every technique will gradually show up.

Goood doubles are essential snare drum technique and a priority quite early. Blasing licks around the kit are not as they mean nothing without context.


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Thanks Arne, makes sense that many techniques rely on knowing other more primary techniques. So then simply jumping right into something like Moeller, free stroke, or fast singles & doubles might require first some lead-up lessons?


"Uncle Larry"
I'm not a teacher formally, but I think the first thing to learn is the various grips, German, French, American, Traditional. After working with the various grips then you learn to whip them and get free strokes from them. Fast singles and doubles are waay down the road, just getting clean and even sounding single and doubles in good musical time comes first. Don't skimp on the basics, because that's what you will be using most of the time. They really should be called the essentials, not the basics.